Self-Reminders from a Preacher on Preaching

A few reminders for preachers like myself….

  1. The??main point of the biblical text??I’m preaching from, ought to be the??main point of my sermon.
  2. Every sermon should arrive at the person & atoning work of the Lord Jesus Christ, the goal and fulfillment of all the Scriptures (Luke 24:27).
  3. This bee-line to the cross must be anchored to the text preached: by way of (1) redemptive-historical progression, (2) promise-fulfillment, (3) typology, (4) analogy, (5) longitudinal themes, or (6) contrast. (cf.??S. Greidanus)
  4. The only illustrations that I should use are ones that??advance??and??make clearer??a point of the text–not simply “illustrate” it.
  5. We??let the biblical text drive application??when we (1) exegete the??text??appropriately, (2) exegete the congregation effectively.
  6. A??fallen-condition focus??of the text must always be accompanied afterwards by the??redemptive-condition focus, fulfilled ultimately in Jesus Christ. (cf. B. Chapell)

I will add items to this list of reminders as they come to me.


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