Apple iPad 3 leaked: incl.Retina Display, new MultiTouch gestures!


We???ve just been handed some exclusive photos of Apple???s tablet. Our anonymous source received this device from another anonymous source who received it directly from Apple, and snapped some photos for us this morning.

??Now bear in mind this device is only a prototype, and what Apple announces on the 27th might be a little different. This prototype is a little thicker than I expected, but it sports Apple???s characteristic lack of buttons. I was surprised by re-introduction of the rainbow-style Apple logo, but the addition of a stylus-on-a-cord solves the??input mystery.

According to our source, the device has ???distributed infrared???, a Wifi-like home wireless networking technology that???s just as good as Wifi but requires line-of-sight to an IR access point.

??The 1992 copyright date on the bottom of the device is curious. Maybe just a ploy to throw us all off the trail. Or it could also mean this is from 18 years ago. Either way, clearly the Apple tablet???s time has come.

Via Mac Daddy World.

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