Coffee of the Week: Organic Blue Java (Starbucks)


An exotic, rare and exquisite offering, ???Organic Blue Java??? is the name given to this organically grown and certified coffee which hails from the island of Java in Indonesia. This coffee will delight you with herbaceous notes of sage and fresh earth.

The name ???Blue Java??? alludes to the blue-green color of the fresh unroasted (raw coffee) beans, harvested by smallholder farmers in the jungles and semi-forested areas that populate the island.

PRODUCER: Smallholder farmers
ELEVATION: 3,000 ??? 5,000 feet
COFFEE VARIETY: S-795 Typica and USDA 762
HARVEST DATES: May-September 2010
TASTING NOTES: Notes of sage and fresh earth with a sweet and syrupy textured feel
PAIRING FLAVORS: Aged Gouda cheese, hazelnut and dark chocolates



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