Hermeneutics 101: 7 Questions to Ask Every Passage

Hermeneutics 101

Hermeneutics (hur-muh-noo-tiks) n. [Grk.]: ??the craft of interpreting Scripture

7 Questions to Ask Every Passage

?? ??1. Who is the author and who is his audience?
?? ??2. Why is the author writing and what is his burden for his audience?
?? ??3. How does this verse connect to the rest of the chapter and the book the
?? ?? ?? whole storyline of the Bible?
?? ??4. What does the language of the passage highlight and draw attention to?
?? ?? ?? (e.g., parallels, word pictures, specific details, repetitive words/phrases)
?? ??5. What does this reveal about the nature of God and the nature of
?? ?? ?? mankind?
?? ??6. How does this passage reveal our need for a Savior and God??s
?? ?? ?? disposition to provide a Savior?
?? ??7. What response or action does this passage call for?

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