Sad News: Work Visa Denied, Jan Wedding Postponed

Dear family & friends,

We regret to inform you of some extremely sad news.

About three weeks ago, we found out that Alex’s application for R1 (religious worker) work visa applied by Tri Valley Chinese Bible Church (TCBC) was denied.  [Immigration’s reasoning was basically that I/Alex is Southern Baptist, but the church is non-denominational; thus to Immigration we are of differing religious denominational types.]

Since then, TCBC has consulted w/ an immigration attorney to see whether we can appeal against the denial. 

However, it seems that currently, our best option may be to file for K1 (fiancé) visa instead. With this option, it will take an average of 5months time for all the paper work to process and interviews with the immigration. 

Therefore, because of these disappointing & discouraging events, our wedding in California (that was previously scheduled for January) is now postponed until Spring 2012.
**Friends planning to attend our wedding: please don’t purchase your air ticket until further notice.

Prayer Requests:
– First and foremost, peace & comfort for Vivian & Alex. 
Wisdom and discernment in proceedings and completion of paperwork for immigration.
Patience for all paperwork to go through immigration smoothly and as speedily as possible.
– Remembering God’s faithfulness and His sovereignty in the midst of it all.
– To continue to encourage one another in this time of waiting.
Endure and persevere, trusting that all things work for the our good. 
– Be productive with our times apart, for Vivian to continue to be earnest in job search and for Alex to pursue a regular routine while waiting in Toronto.
Humbly, clinging to Christ,


Alex & Vivian

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