Singalong Sundays: Let It Bring You Praise

This week’s Singalong Sunday is a song from Matt Hammitt, the lead singer of the band Sanctus Real. I could say a good word or two about his new album, Every Falling Tear, but I shall quote my friends Justin & Bonnie who recently blogged about this great album:

??It. ??Is. ??AMAZING. ??Matt Hammitt (of Sanctus Real) was blessed with a baby born with a very serious congenital ??heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). ??Through their journey with a baby with HLHS they have been an incredible voice championing awareness and offering support to families with congenital heart disease through their Whole Hearts Foundation. ??


The songs “All of Me” , “Trust”, ??”Let go”, and “Let it Bring You Praise” have been a particular encouargement to Justin and I as we have struggled to trust the Lord with a multitude of uncertainties involving our adoption. ??I’m so thankful for the comfort God has poured out into the lives of musicians such as Matt Hammitt and Stephen Curtis Chapman through profoundly difficult trials in their lives to be used through their music to bless multitudes.??

And so, here is Let It Bring You Praise, a hymn that I hope will find a place in the hearts of the church–especially in a church that is often full of members who are suffering from all sorts of pain and disappointment.
Let It Bring You Praise
Written by Matt Hammitt and Jason Ingram.
Scripture Reference(s): Psalm 139:14
Verse 1:
Lord, You created me??
Perfectly shaping me??
I know my heart??
Is safe in your arms
Lord, You know everything
So when I feel afraid??
I put my faith in You
This life is Yours to give??
So with each new day
Let every breathe that I take
Let it bring You praise
Bring You praise
For I am fearfully and wonderfully made
When You choose to take
Let it bring You praise
Reminding the world that heaven awaits
Let it bring You praise
Verse 2:
Before I even speak??
You know my every need
All that I am
Is because You are
You know my heart
You know my heart
Before I was born??
You numbered my days
The story is yours??
I’m just a page
With every word
I want to proclaim??
Let my life proclaim
Lead Sheet below…

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