The Faith of our Fathers: Passing on our Spiritual Heritage

A Christian Home

Family at Heritage Hall

I am blessed to have been brought up in a Christian home by my parents. Both my parents are Christians, and from a very early age, they brought me to church. While I was raised in a small Christian and Missionary Alliance church in Toronto and even being immersed upon profession of faith at that church, I was born in a Baptist hospital in Hong Kong and my parents also dedicated me to the Lord in a small Baptist church in Hong Kong. Hence, you could say that I was predestined to become a Baptist again since I was born one (LOL–jk–more could be said here, but that’s for another blog post!)!

DSC05195The interesting thing about my spiritual pilgrimage is that my dad never forced me to believe in his God.  He never coerced to confess sins or to put my faith in Jesus; nor did he ever push his flavor of religion down my throat or punish me for not reading my Bible.  All he did was consistently bring me to church and served the Lord in the capacity which He had gifted in for.  I do not remember not being a Christian, but I do recall that it was a personal journey of faith to trust Christ as my own Lord and Savior when I was about 14.  I realized that it was God who sought and found me when I turned and followed him.  However, such would not have been possible if it were not for the dedication of my earthly father to bring me up in a God-saturated home and a gospel-centered church.  For this, I am eternally grateful! Without my dad’s nurture and support, I would not be here at Southern Seminary pursuing my calling to be a minister of the gospel. Continue reading