What’s Central is Out of Season

PreachingWhat was supposed to be central to the health and sanctity of the church is now out of season. I have seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears on numerous occasions: true Christian preaching is being neglected in the Church. I know what I’ve just said may be a bit far-fetched, but I say this while trying to be as nice and gentle as I possibly can, for I have experienced the famine and drought that is in land and amidst His body.

I am frustrated, angered and pretty much pissed off at the state of preaching that we have allowed our North American church to fall into. All over the country, in numerous church pulpits and platforms, at conferences and retreats sanctioned by local churches and various para-church organizations, preaching is being forfeited in favor of “talks” where the so-called pastor or preacher yaps away for a short 30 minutes about the obvious state of Western culture, interspersed with countless pop-psychology references and statistics, and with a few biblical stories analogies mentioned as side remarks. Opening the Bible is something that is long forgotten, never mind reading it publicly or explaining Scripture or doing a biblical exposition. Listeners are somehow supposed to be edified and spurred on towards a new kind of Christianity from a new kind of preaching: non-preaching, powerless talking. Continue reading