Christmas Web Hosting Deals

I thought I’d post this for anybody who is looking to get some cheap deals on web hosting this Christmas! is hosted by 1and1 servers, so I might as well tout them:

Consider also the very reputable (mt) Media Temple who is offering 1yr their (gs) Grid Service Lite package for $95 with 1 included domain name:

Storage: 5GB
Network Transfer: 500GB /mo
GPUs: 500 /mo
Websites: 5
Databases: 5
Email Accounts: 100
Support: 24/7

If you want to be really cheap, Netfirms is offering 1yr of their Advantage hosting service for $10 via

2 FREE domain names
250GB of disk space
2,000GB data transfer per month
Host unlimited websites with a single account!
Support for PHP, Perl, and MySQL
24-hour technical support

(note: it’s $10/month after the first year for Advantage hosting)

Offers for my Domain

AvivaAviva plc first contacted me in the spring concerning their interest in buying my domain here ( Talks in the spring went quiet as the summer dawned, however, they have recently contacted me again concerning their keen interest purchase the domain from me.

Aviva is the world’s fifth-largest insurance group and the biggest in the UK. We are the leading provider of life and pensions products in Europe and have substantial businesses elsewhere around the world.

Why are they interested in my domain?

six-stepsThey recently started a website at (note the “-” hyphen), that is a “free, unbiased planning resource to help you make informed financial decisions for retirement.”

**They have just emailed me this morning with an offer of $2,000 for my domain,

I am considering it. It is a somewhat low offer, considering the appraisal I had done on my domain in the summer, valuing it at $3,322 – $8,637.

What do you guys think I should do?
Does anybody have any experience with selling their domain? I’ve put in my own request for a detailed certified appraisal, so hopefully I can get a more exact number of what my domain is currently worth.


The New Social Etiquette Guide to Abbreviations

The Ol’ Standbys

LOL (Laugh Out Loud)
-Here’s the deal. People like to think they are funny. So if you want to make a lot of friends online, just go ahead and throw LOL around like you’re spending somebody else’s money. What you shouldn’t do, though, is actually say LOL instead of laughing when you’re hanging out with your friends. I saw this once and it scared me. Just joking. Not really. LOL.

BRB (Be Right Back)
-Go ahead and stop freaking out right now. Your friend is not ignoring you. When people type this, it simply means that they’re doing something else for a minute. This is also known as going AFK (Away From Keyboard), so don’t expect to hear anything back for a few minutes. If it takes longer than that, then we’ll admit it, there is the small possibility that he/she really is trying to ditch you. But hopefully, it’s just a pee break.

JK (Just Kidding)
-This is a very important abbreviation. Why? Because when you’re texting or IMing, people can’t hear your tone or see your face. This means that your friends can and will take every opportunity to be offended, hurt or angered by your seemingly obvious attempts at sarcasm. Think I’m joking? Well, I’m not. If I were, I’d say JK, you moron.

Unchartered Waters

ILYBYFIWH (I Like You But Your Friend Is Way Hotter)
IHFY (I’m Hot For You)
WYSMC? (Will You Sign My Cast?)
INWAU (I’m Not Wearing Any Underwear)
CIBYAD? (Can I Buy You A Drink?)
PPTSC (Please Pass The Sour Cream)
DTMITY (Don’t Text Me, I’ll Text You)
STBY (Sucks To Be You)
IHACBOH (I Have A Clean Bill of Health)
YMMFS (You Make My Fingers Sweat)
GA (Go Away)
HLBOM (He Looked Better On MySpace)

(Source: Helio)

Josh Harris on Facebook

Josh Harris deserves the quote of the week, or even “best Christian / pastor’s quote” of all time about Facebook:Josh Harris

Enjoy Facebook. And if you’re a godly single man, receive it as a gift from God to assist you in nonchalantly building a friendship with a godly Christian woman. I’m serious, men! If you’re mature enough to pursue marriage, Facebook should be “Courtbook” for you. Don’t just sit there, get on the ball and go “poke” a godly girl.

Josh Harris

Amen to that, brother!

If you missed it, Josh Harris joined Facebook last week, but he only lasted a week, and tries to clarify his personal decision. (I can proudly say I was Josh Harris’ friend for a week!)